What is Silver Souls Creations about?

Silver Soul Creations offers individual, unique, jewelry keepsakes and heirlooms. Each of our pendants is made completely by hand! A Silver Soul pendant has helped our customers celebrate family and special occasions. They have also provided inspiration and comforts those that have lost someone they love.

Where is Silver Soul located?

The studio is located in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada. This is where all of our jewelry is created. Our unique pendants are sold through Direct Sales Consultants, with close to 65 consultants throughout BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, and Nova Scotia.

What is a "Classic Collection" Silver Soul Pendant made of?

Each Silver Soul Creations classic pendant is uniquely hand made. This starts with taking hand prints, foot prints, fingerprints, or actual handwriting of your loved ones and then, through a process of stamping, shaping, firing, and polishing, these actual prints are set into Fine Silver. Fine Silver is made of 99.9% pure silver metal. We use Sterling Silver necklaces, findings, bracelets, and key chains to complete the jewelry piece.

What else do you offer besides "Classic Collection" Pendants?

Silver Soul Creations offers the Whimsy Collection which is a line of Stainless Steel, hand stamped pendants; as well as the Oh So Charming Collection, which incorporates you loved ones prints encased in glass and sterling silver. Both of these lines offers a more affordable option for people who want to obtain a personal piece but prefer a lower price option. We have also created the Old World Charm, which is completely hand-made using fine silver, patina, and gold leafing.

Choose from many embellishments, birthstones, charms, beads, chains, and bracelets to compliment your piece. We are adding new creations to our selections all the time. It’s exciting to see what might appear in a new catalogue!!

What makes you different from other direct sales jewelry companies?

Since our products are uniquely hand-made, no two pieces are the same. We are the only Direct Sales company to hand-make our products. Our Consultants help their customers design a piece that becomes very special to them, and assists them in taking good quality prints to ensure beautiful pendants can be made. Each piece is made in our Alberta studio by the owner of Silver Soul, Danielle Robinson. Danielle has a passion for family and creating a jewelry piece that will bring joy and a story to its owner. Silver Soul Creations is not a multi-level marketing company and our consultants do not have any downlines, or any sales quotas. Each of our consultants directly sell our product to their customers and are there to assist them.

How much does a consultant make?

Consultants earn 20% commission from the total sales before taxes and shipping. Most consultants sell through home parties, but some will set up booths at trade shows or work together with businesses such as local vets, children’s stores, salons, etc. They will also have the opportunity to earn various trips and incentives.

Will you train me as a consultant?

Yes! We have an extensive Training Manual and a Facebook Group Page where Consultants frequently bounce ideas and questions off of each other. You will also have direct contact with the owner, Danielle Robinson. The Facebook Group page also contains numerous resources, such as high quality photos available for downloading and printing, additional suggestions to grow your business, reference materials, and videos on taking hand, foot, and fingerprints.

What extra costs can I expect to incur as a Consultant?

The initial purchase of your Consultant Kit will provide you with all the resources you need to get started in your business. During our busier times, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas, we suggest that you have extra catalogues and print taking supplies on hand. Extra supplies are available for a low cost to Consultants. The print taking supplies and invoices that you use upon taking an order are replenished back to you at the end of each month at no additional charge. If you choose to promote your business through trade shows and home parties, we highly recommend obtaining some materials that will enhance your presentation, as this is a key component to a successful outcome.

How long does it take to get a pendant once it is ordered?

It takes 3 – 6 weeks for a Silver Soul Creations hand-made piece to be made and sent to the customer.

Do I have to deliver my customer's orders?

We mail orders directly to the customer via Canada Post ExpressPost. This allows us to have tracking numbers for each of our shipments and provides us with insurance that orders will be delivered to our customers with prompt shipping times. Mailing directly to customers saves our Consultants from hours of driving to deliver products. If you prefer to hand deliver your orders (which many consultants do because they love to see the look on their customers faces when they open their package), you are welcome to have the orders sent to you instead.

What if someone else is already a Silver Soul Consultant in my area?

Every area has room for consultants. As our company is fairly new (less than 6 years old), we do not have areas that are saturated with consultants. Success in your business is how ‘you’ extensively work it. Some of our Consultants sell to friends and family only. Others have numerous home parties. And yet others become involved in trade shows. If you happen to be in an area where there are other Consultants, located, there are many opportunities to team up together for trade shows, sharing displays, encouraging, and supporting each other.

How quickly can I get started?

We have Consultant Kits ready to send as soon as we hear from you! We will connect with you to offer support and get to know you! Prior to this, we require you to read carefully the Training Manual so that when we connect with you for support, we can be assured that you understand what you have read. You can be taking orders and doing prints within two weeks!