Please understand that our jewelry is completely hand-made. Therefore there may be imperfections. We believe that these imperfections enhance the beauty of each piece. If you wish for a ‘perfect’ piece of jewelry then Silver Soul may not be for you.

Silver Soul always works to create the most beautiful pendant possible. As always, a great prints makes a great pendant. If you do not like the way your print looks when you first take it (eg. a toe doesn’t show up, fingers are bent, etc) please take another one Silver Soul is not responsible if you do not like they way the print looks in the final product. The final print and stone placement will be decided by the artist.

Silver Soul Creations strives to create beautiful jewelry. Because each piece is custom we are not able to provide refunds. If the error was our mistake, we will fix it immediately. If you are simply dissatisfied with the product or placement of prints or stones (and there is no error on our part), then the item is yours to keep.

If you have purchased chains or bracelets and you wish to exchange for a different style or size then we will be happy to exchange or adjust them for you. For this to happen, you must contact us within the first 7 days of receiving your order. The shipping charge will be paid for by the customer.